Work finished

Here is a spreadsheet showing which work has been completed by the students. Green means finished and yellow needs some more work.

9 comments to Work finished

  1. Annabel says:

    Hi Miss W,
    I have added 3 clocks including Phoenix, Arizona and Dublin, Ireland. Does this matter I have three?

  2. Annabel says:

    Hello Miss W,
    I would like an image for my post on smiggle but when I type it up on compflight nothing comes up. Would I be able to get a picture off the internet and write a little bibliography?
    Annabel :D

    • Annabel says:

      Sorry for not saying this in my latest message Miss W. Can you please not publish that post until I get an image for it, just so it will look a bit better.
      Annabel :D

      • Miss W. says:

        G’day Annabel,
        I found an image for you and have put it in the post. Get back to me if you want me to publish with that image, otherwise you can find your own. You could take your own picture of some of the Smiggle stationery you have at home and use that instead.

  3. Annabel says:

    Hello Miss W,
    I just looked at my post then and am happy with the image :D
    You can publish that post when you are free, and I would also like you to publish called Aussie Animal Card swap.
    Thanks for all your help,
    Annabel :D

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Ms Wyatt,
    I’ve put 4 clocks on my blog and this is another comment so could you mark it in I’m really enjoying blogging.
    Bye Ms Wyatt

  5. Jake says:

    Hi Miss W,
    I’ve noticed that it says that i haven’t commented on 3 other students blogs when i actually have.


    • Miss W. says:

      Hi Jake,
      You were a bit quick off the mark. I hadn’t checked this weekend if anyone had left comments but now that I have, I will mark off yours in the work finished.

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