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You have started visiting other students in the Student Blogging Challenge and there are some you want to go back and visit often. Or you have some teachers leaving comments on your blog  and you want to visit their class blog easily. You want to get to our online classroom quickly.

How do you do that?

Answer: You add a link from their blog to your blogroll on your sidebar.

Step 1. Decide on some categories for your links eg My overseas friends, Class Blogs, Helpful Websites

Step 2. Dashboard> links> link categories Fill in the name, click the add link category button and make sure it appears on the list on the right hand side.

Step 3. Now to add your actual links to the blogs.  We are going to add the link to our online classroom first. We will put it under the category Helpful Websites.

Step 4. Go to student bloggers blog, down the sidebar to find the link for the online classroom. Right click on link then copy link location or copy shortcut if using Internet Explorer.

Step 5. Dashboard> links> add new

Type in the name, paste in the web address, choose category to add it into then click big blue add link button.

Step 6. Adding other links is very similar. Go your class blog. Copy the URL from up in the address bar. Come back to your blog and follow step 5 again.

Step 7. When you got your blog, there were some blogs already under the category Blogroll. You might want to change them to Helpful Websites instead. Dashboard> links> all links  Under  Edublogs Help and Support, click on edit then untick blogroll,  click Helpful Websites and update the link (big blue button)  Do the same for Tasmanian Blogs and The Edublogger.  The one labelled you can delete as you don’t need this one.

Step 8. Some themes don’t allow you to group your links into categories. Instead they are just listed in alphabetical order.

Make sure you have added at least five new links to your blog : online classroom, your class blog and three others. Have at least one in each link category.

One comment to How to … add links to blogroll

  1. Annabel says:

    Hi Miss W,
    Thanks or writing such clear post. I have added some more blogs and the online classroom.
    Annabel :D

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