How to … add a cyber pet

Here is a post with step by step instructions for adding a cyber pet as a widget on your blog sidebar.

1. Go to this website which is the gallery at widgetbox.

2. Click on cyber pet.


3. Click on Bunnyhero labs


4. Choose the pet you want by clicking on it.


5. Now customize your pet by changing colour, adding a name for the pet and putting in your name as the adopter. Change the text colour as well if you want. You should be seeing on the right of the page what your changes will make your pet look like.


6. Make sure the number for the width is about 250 if you are putting your pet in the sidebar. Finally click on the first button </> This is the embed code button on many websites.


7. When the following screen appears click on the green copy button. This copies the code to your clipboard on your computer.


8. If you have done all the above steps correctly the final screen will look like this.


9. Now the last step is to copy the code into your blog widget area. Go to your blog dashboard> appearance> widgets

Drag a text box to the sidebar where you want the pet to appear. Put in a title if you want and paste in the code that is on your clipboard – use control V.

Save and then close. Go to your blog, refresh the blog and you should now have your pet in the sidebar.


Do you know of any other great websites with widgets other than widgetbox?

What other widgets would you like on your blog?

Many thanks to Sue Waters for telling me about the program SnagIT which I have used for the arrows and numbers on the images. Next learning step for me will be creating a video as well.

4 comments to How to … add a cyber pet

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Dear Miss W
    I really enjoyd adding a cyber pet but it was hard they were all soooo cuteand aesome
    Bye, Gabby

  2. Madison says:

    I have my own cyber pet . It is a turtle called Gorgie. I really like him and soon I am thinking about doing it again. You can play with him and to play with him you can hover over the more button there should be a worm. Then you click on it and with out holding it down you drag it into the the water. Then Gorgie will come down into the water swimming and trying too find it. Then if you press the rock he will go on it.

  3. Annabel says:

    Hi everyone,
    I don’t know any other websites to get Cyber Pets but I still really enjoyed looking at all the amazing and cute pets on the websites we used.
    Some other animals I would like are…… A fish, pig, duck or owl. I’d really like a clock on my blog as I think that would be quite cool.
    Annabel :D

  4. Jacob says:

    having a cyber pet is just like having a real pet to me because everyday I feed it and play with it so thank you for letting me have a cyber pet!

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