Checking your settings

So far, you have logged into your class blog dashboard and you have changed certain things in your user profile.

This time you are going to check the settings of your blog.

This is where you can decide how much privacy your blog has:

  • Is it going to be open to the world? – least private
  • Do visitors need a password? – most private

If you truly want to have lots of visitors come to your blog and have your students interacting with other classes and students around the world, then you need to change your settings to the following:


  • change the title of your blog
  • change the tagline (not all themes have a tagline)
  • choose correct timezone (Hobart will do)
  • save changes

At present, don’t make any changes to ‘Writing’ or ‘Reading’.


The section labelled ‘Discussion‘ is where the most important settings occur.

  • Do you want students replying directly to another student’s comment? This is called ‘Threaded comments’.
  • How often do you want emails sent to you regarding comments?
  • If a visitor or student has already had one comment approved, can their next comment be approved without you having to moderate it first?

The image below shows how Miss W.  has her  ‘Discussion’ settings in her blogs.

You’ll notice Miss W. moderates every comment even if a visitor or student has already left a comment that has been approved. By moderating every comment, it allows you to immediately reply to the comment as you read it.

But if you have it set to ‘Comment author must have a previously approved comment’, you might miss a chance to easily reply to a great comment from one of your students or visitors.

The section labelled ‘Privacy’ is where you can decide on the amount of privacy you want for your class blog.

  • If you don’t want search engines checking for your blog then tick the second circle.
  • If you want any eSchool blog user, then tick the third circle.
  • If you want only users on your class blog, tick the fourth circle.

If you have ticked either the first or second circle, then anyone around the world will be able to leave a comment. If you have ticked any other circle, parents, students and visitors from around the globe will not be able to leave a comment on your class blog.

The only other section under ‘Settings’ that you will need to know about is ‘Blog avatar’. We will mention more about this on the page about creating and uploading avatars.


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