Changing themes

Before adding widgets and other things to the sidebar of your blog, you need to decide which theme you want to use. In the eSchool campus set up there are about 140 themes to choose from.

Before making this choice, you need to decide:

  • Will I have only one sidebar? These blogs use the Grassland theme,  GlossyBlue theme, Freshy theme, Misty Look theme.
  • Do I want to be able to add my own header? Oceanwide theme, Cutline theme, Suhweet theme.
  • Will I have two sidebars? Where will they be? Right and left or both on right? WPMU Dixi theme, Anubis theme, Andreas09 theme.
  • Are there links to pages in the header?
  • Will the tagline be displayed?

Sue Waters from Edublogs has created a post about 100 themes and their properties. This might save you a lot of time.

To change your theme:

Step 1. Class blog dashboard, go to appearance then themes

Step 2. Look for one you like then click preview in top right corner. If you want this , now click activate. If you want to choose another click red cross in left corner.

Step 3. To customise your theme go to appearance and check which options are available for you to change.

You can change your theme as often as you like, but each time check for widgets that might have changed.

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