Adding students as users

Please read this before going to the step by step section in this page.

Before adding any students as users, they will need an email address. This is needed in case they lose their password and they need a new one.  Miss W has always used student’s school email address with grade 6/7 students but you can get around this by creating a class Gmail account. This means the emails will come to you first and you forward to the correct students.  Sue Waters from Edublogs has written a post describing how to do this.

When deciding on user names, Miss W follows a pattern eg johnpar12 – meaning John in Mr Parker’s home class in 2012. If there are two Johns then john2par12 for the second student. The username will be used to login and cannot be changed.

Next are you going to set their original password or let Edublogs send one to each student ? Might be easier if you set one to begin – students then go to their user profile page to change the password to something they can remember.

Finally, what role is each student going to have in your class blog?

  • Administrator – should just be the teacher as this is full responsibility for the blog
  • Editor – is able to publish posts/pages, upload files, moderate comments and also review/publish posts from other students.
  • Author – can upload files plus write and publish own posts only.
  • Contributor – can write own posts but can’t publish them.  An administrator or editor reviews and publishes their posts. Cannot add images or videos to posts.
  • Subscriber – can read comments and write comments but not write posts or pages.

Now that you know the details of what is needed, you are ready to add your students as users of your class blog.

Add a new user

Step 1. Create class Gmail account.

Step 2. In your class blog dashboard, click on arrow beside users and then click on blog and user creator.

Step 3. Click on tab – New Users.

Step 4. Fill in the information similar to image below.

Step 5. Click submit, then start again with the next five.

If some of your students already have usernames from the eSchool campus setup, then you will add them as existing users instead.

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