Adding post categories

What are going to be the main topics you write about in your class blog?

  • Maybe have a category for each subject.
  • Are you going to write some posts for certain people eg parents?
  • Are you going to write about holidays and special events?
  • Are you going to use different web 2.0 tools like animoto,  glogster and story birds?
  • Who will be writing posts – teacher and students?

Check out the categories used by Mr Avery on his left sidebar and Miss T on her left sidebar at the bottom. Miss W is using the tag cloud widget to display the categories on the right sidebar of her blog.

Creating post categories:

Go to your class blog dashboard, click on arrow beside posts, then click categories.

If creating a category for each subject, do the following:

  • Name: Subjects then click add new category at bottom of screen. You have now created a parent category.
  • Each subject will now be created.
  • Name: Literacy then under parents click on Subjects, now click add new category at bottom of screen. Continue this step for each subject.

You follow the same steps if adding a post category for each student in your class. Create students first as the parent category, then each student separately. Remember to only use their first name or John1, John2

You don’t have to have parent categories but it is a good way to create neatly organized categories.

One thought on “Adding post categories

  1. Hi Sue,
    I tried to follow these instructions but to no avail… Nothing appeared on my blog.
    I have put in a parent category of core subjects then loaded subject based categories and then broke them down further into grade kevels and units of study within that year. I can see them in the dashboard under categories but there is nothing showing on the blog.
    I then started trying to load links into the various categories to websites that are subject relevant. The links didn’t show up either? I must be doing something wrong :(


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