5 Websites That Definitely Won’t Get You a Good Grade

When you are juggling school and work, the last thing you have time for is to finish your assignments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to college because I actually want to learn, but when you work an 8-hour shift after going to classes, your brain can no longer focus on your projects. That’s why I decided to use online essay writing services. I experimented with several of them, and I decided it was time to make a review of the writing services that I was most disappointed with.


StudyBay review

Depending on what you offer, StudyBay prices are different. A creative writing paper will start from $3 and an essay from $7. However, there’s a catch: the prices are settled by means of bidding.

Therefore, if you are a good bidder, you might snatch a good price. On the other hand, if you are the shy one that hates confrontation (like me), you might get a high price. The promo code or any coupon codes are also discussed with the writer. After all that hassle, you’d think you’d get a decent paper; however, the one I got had a lot of grammatical and structural errors. When I asked for revisions, I was flat-out refused.


EssayServices review

I read several EssayServices testimonials, and I believed this one to be at least decent. I needed a research paper of a college student level, and when I talked to the staff, they were all nice and polite. I was fairly hopeful.
That if, until I got my paper. It was laden with errors, poorly research, and even the citations and formatting looked as if they were thrown out from a crashing plane.
Prices were above the average too, so I can’t say I was happy with my purchase.


Edubirdie review

Like StudyBay, this one also works with the bidding system. You place your order and writers will place a bid. You choose the one that offers you the most convenient EduBirdie price.

The problem is that there is little information about the writers, and there aren’t many ways for you to access their credentials – so it’s pretty much the Russian roulette. I got the bad slot, it seems, because the quality of my paper was certainly subpar.

Its quality was, at best, mediocre, and I had to edit the paper a lot before turning it in. I asked for a review, but I was obviously out of luck.


HireWriters review

I took a gamble when ordering from these guys since I couldn’t find any samples on their websites. According to HireWriters testimonials, they sounded promising, so I chose an average writer (you could pick from beginner, average, skilled, and expert).

The paper I got wasn’t even average. It was obviously written by a foreigner that has yet to master the language, it was packed with grammatical errors, and it was almost unusable. I did receive a revision, but I did not see any significant changes.

While there was no fraud or scam when it comes to the payment, there wasn’t much honesty when it comes to the experience of the writers.


Prowriterz review

At first, I thought the name was some typing error, but I decided to hire them because I read some positive customer Prowriterz reviews – however, I now believe that those customers were paid to write those reviews.

While before I only had issues with the grammar, this topped everything. It arrived on time, yes, but the topic was completely off. It’s like I asked them to write about apples, and they wrote about bananas. I couldn’t even turn that paper in.

Overall, all the above sites get a low rating from me. If you want to pass your classes, I suggest you either write them yourself or look for other websites.