My Succinct Review for EduBirdie

Edubirdie writing service

There are two distinct types of writing services on the Internet: on one hand, you have the academic paper services, which cater to students and on the other hand, you have freelancing writers that communicate closely with their customers. falls into the latter category. It’s a platform where customers connect with freelancers and establish a price for their writing services. Even though Edu Birdie looks good at first sight, i.e. everything seems to be alright, there are some major concerns you should be aware of.

The Testimonials

There are no testimonials per se on EduBirdie. However, you can visit the profile of each of the writers on the staff and – what a surprise! – they’re largely positive. What’s more, every writer has fulfilled hundreds of orders (which is so hard to believe).

The customer Edubirdie reviews that can be read on dedicated websites beg to differ that the writers are as professional as the website claims they are. Many clients have complained that many of the writers don’t even know how to write properly in English.

There are no credentials, no nothing, just the assurance that each and every one of the writers has a success rate of over 98%. No kidding? As if there weren’t enough complaints already, some people found the customer support despicable, so that’s it for the PR part of this “reputable” company.

The Discounts

There is no promo code nor coupon codes on the company’s website. It’s true, that is because there are prices either. Each customer can discuss with many freelancers until he meets the one that is willing to do the job for a certain price.

Like many similar websites, this too is based on a bidding system. Don’t expect to find any prices. You can try to look for them all over the site, but believe me, you won’t find any.

Therefore, no established prices equal no discounts. What a pity. Considering that there’s almost no actual information on the writers that you can trust, you can rest assured that you’re better off with a headache, searching high and low for a better service.

Edubirdie review