Blogging so far………

G’day Everyone

I have had a great time blogging so far and a lovely time helping everyone else and them helping me. I have had a couple of mistakes with some things but that always ended up ok. I had loved it it has been so much fun and a great help about learning about more about blogs. I was never exspecting to have this much fun but look i did at the start i was a bit comfused but now i think i am getting better.

Has anyone learnt much more like me?

Does anyone else want to keep on doing blogging as they get older?

6 thoughts on “Blogging so far………

  1. Hi Mackenzie,
    That was a marvellous blog post that shows lots of information.
    I couldn’t agree with you more! Everything has been a bit confusing but we have all gotten over it.
    I have learnt as much as a prep at the end of a school year. My favourite thing I have learnt would probably be about the widgets and finally putting up our cyber pet, or would it be the theme. I never thought it would be this hard.
    I DO hope to continue to be a blogger as I get older and keep up with my blog!
    What has your favourite thing been/
    Hopefully you want to blog forever to. Keep blogging!

      • Hello again Mackenzie,

        Yes it would be lovely to keep our blogs forever!
        It is a bit like a child hood diary for everyone to see, and for them to find out what our lives use to be like.
        I love the class voki….. So cute and love the name.

  2. G’day Mackenzie,
    You should now be able to edit your about me page. I had to change it back to draft so you can make changes. To get to it, dashboard> pages> all pages and hover under your all about me, click edit.

  3. Hi Mackenzie/Mackie
    I really like your post blogging soo far…. It is a marvellous just like all your other post I cant wait to read your next post! Yes blogging is very hard but everyone does make mistakes even I had a few ones her and there. My favourite part now is widgets when I was first learning hot to do it. It was my worst thing but now that I have practised im much better and loved it. When I first thought about blogging I didn’t think it would be sooo hard I thought it would be super super easy. I thought all you had to do was choose a theme and write post here and there but that’s not all you have to do not even near. I really like making voki although it sounds funny if you have a Scottish or Ireland. I love the title of your blog basket ball and my life because its inspiring people to do basketball witch is great. The worse part about blogging is probably when you get really streased if your computer turns off or you microphone doesn’t work etc. I hope im going to keep blogging when im older like you. And if you want to visit my blog ewhen you are older go to Blogging has been a great experience soo far
    Keep up the great work
    Bye, Caitlin p.s I love your blog. But before I go I would like to ask you a simple question what has been your favourite bit about blogging so far………

    • Hey Caitlin/Catty
      Well my favourite thing about blogging is the widgets at the start i had know idea what it was and just acted like i new what i was doing and what it was but you know i didnt (so i was lieing a little) Also now widgets are soooooo much easier ad think it is sooooo much fun i love all the things you can put and do in widgets. Dont you?
      Oh and you did not need to give me your blog it is on my blog. The thing i hate the most about blogging is well i have nothing really so you know.
      You should really keep up the good work on your blog to it is looking amazing.
      Bye, Mackenzie see you at school in 2 weeks

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