ABC Giving Tree

12 11 2013

The ABC giving tree is coming to Lilydale!
This is a chance to give something to the less fortunate who may not have the option of having a Christmas with the benefits we have.
Many kids don’t get toys, unlike us. So why not give a toy to make one child happy?
The tree will be situated in the library. There you can place the gifts under very soon! Please give a little and help the children who want to experience a happy Christmas just like us.
Keep an eye out for further information!  LDS13Tanna              



Lilydale’s Halloween Fair

5 11 2013

On Thursday the 31st Of October 2013
Lilydale District school held their Halloween Fair.
Lilydale’s Halloween fair only comes around every three years, and this one was one to remember.
With rides for five dollars and loads of food and entertainment, this was a fair worth to die for!
I went as a fierce devil, but once I stepped a foot into the 7/8‘s haunted house they set up I have to admit, I was starting to get freaked out. My class was in charge of the ice cream van, and did we get some business! This was a scary dress fair, mainly based around the fact that it was Halloween!
The K-4 children were got into the dressing up part of the fair very well! With witches, animals and much more. The high schoolers and middle school sectors were also dressed up to perfection but not taking it as serious. Overall it was a fun experience, where everyone got to venture throughout what the school classes presented. I can’t wait until the next Lilydale District school Halloween fair in 2016!

End of Term 4

24 09 2013

End of Term is finally here, all the hard work throughout Term 3 has finally finished, and the holidays are here! I hope some of the people that read this have great holidays planned, like me, I am going camping. Anyway, the Halloween fair is on the 31st of October, two weeks into the term. Term 4 is so exciting seeing your friends again. Well I have decided that I am going to write cards to say good bye, but we might catch up during the holidays. That was just an idea about what you could do to say good bye to your friends for the holidays, or if you are going on a holiday to somewhere other than Tassie, you could send your friends and family post cards…


Well anyway enough about that… I have some Ideas about holiday fun; you could have some friends over for a party, or just a girl’s night or a boy’s night or both girl’s and boy’s you also you could go out for dinner, ok there were some ideas about holiday fun.


By lds13lucys thanks for reading

Halloween! – Are you Ready?

24 09 2013

As Halloween is coming up and so is the Lilydale District School fair on the 31st of October, I just wanted to share with everyone some tips and tricks of getting ready for it!
Halloween is mainly loved because the ‘Trick or Treating’ and dressing up in crazy scary costumes!
Although we don’t celebrate the tradition of ‘Trick or Treating’ in Australia, people just love to go out and knock on some doors asking for some sweet and sugary gifts to brighten up their days!

You can make your own costumes, such as witches, zombies even puppies!
Children can be whatever they like and have some fun, get some yummy treats and go wild!
(If their parents let them.) You can shop online for costumes and wigs but just remember…
homemade is better as it is always from the heart! Truly it depends on what you like; don’t let others make up your mind for you!  Even adults that are making the Halloween costumes and essentials, let your kids join in! Are you ready? Halloween… here we come!

If you’re struggling for some ideas for Halloween costumes don’t stress, I’ve prepared some links to websites to inspire you on your costume making journey:

Hope you enjoy Halloween as much as I will!



17 09 2013

Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening” which is a yearly celebration of the dead observed in a number of countries on October 31. Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.
At our school were are having a Halloween fair on the 31st of October. Characters that kids could dress up as are zombies, skeletons, witches, giants, ghosts, mummies or were wolves. I think Halloween is a great and fun day for all kids. Hop to see you at the parade!

By LDS 13 Zac


Lilydale’s canteen

10 09 2013

Lilydale has a new canteen manager this year and the canteen has been given a Bronze award for healthy food. We decided to find out what’s going on in the canteen and ask a few questions of Mrs Blair and this is how the interview went.

Q: What would you rate the canteen health wise?
A: 5, mostly because of the pastry items.                               

Q: What would you like to take off the menu to improve the rating?
A: I think we should take off the pastry items and nuggets.

Q: How long have you been working in the school canteen?
A: I’ve been working in the canteen since October last year, almost a year!

Q: What is the best-selling food product in the canteen and why do you think so?
A: Chips and jellybeans because there isn’t many options on the sweets list.

Q: How many products are on the menu?
A: 35

Q: How many specials are on the menu each week?
A: One a day. The options are chicken and vegetable pasta bake on Mondays, Pizzas on Tuesdays, Baked spuds on Wednesday, hot dogs on Thursday and burger day on Friday.

Q: Do you get any donations from outside of school? If so, where from?
A: People donate fruit from their gardens if they have too much.

Q: How many people are helping out in the canteen?
A: Not many! One person a day, twenty people on the books and ten people are working here.

Lds13meg          Lds13lucy

Footy Colours Day

10 09 2013

At Lilydale School on the 10/9/2013 we had our Footy Colours Day. We split up in to our year groups and had great activities such as: how far kids could kick or handball, handball targets, keepers off and mini games.rn Children could wear AFL, NRL, or soccer. Most of the kids wore AFL colours some of the teachers even dressed up. The most popular team was Hawthon. Thinking about all the things that we have done today, it looks as if the kids had a great time and lots of fun.     

By lds13zac      

Tournament of Minds

3 09 2013

Tournament of the Minds will be run on the 14th of September at the University in Launceston. Lilydale has a primary and secondary team entered in the Social Science section. They have had six weeks to solve the problem write the script and practise their act. They also have 1 spontaneous challenge that they will be given on the day.
The winning teams get to go to Canberra for another competition we all wish Lilydale great luck.
To find out more about TOM go to



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Book Week Results

27 08 2013

 At our school the students voted for their favourite Books. They placed stars on a large chart to record their votes.

 The picture book winners are: 1st the Terrible Suitcase, 2ND Too Many Elephants in This House. The nonfiction winners are: 1st Tom the Outback Mailman 2nd Python.

 All the books were outstanding but some books were a little bit better. All the winners definitely deserved to win. It must have been a very tough choice picking the winners.


Picture Book of the Year

13 08 2013

There are 6 picture books that have made it in to the Book Week awards. The books are so creative and imaginative. The books shortlisted for the Picture Book of the Year are The Coat, Tanglewood, Herman and Rosie, Sophie Scott Goes South, Lightning Jack and A Day to Remember. I suggest that everyone should read these great books by these talented authors and Illustrators. The shortlist that was chosen by the Children’s Book Council is great! The winning books are announced on Friday the 16th of August.

By lds13meg

Short Listed Books Fly Across the Universe