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Dads’ Night

on August 15, 2013

Tonight is Dads’ Night at our school. Dads, Mums, Nans and Pops come along to our school to spend time with us in our classroom.

What do you and your Dad enjoy doing together?

10 Responses to “Dads’ Night”

  1. long13emma says:

    Hi Miss D&D

    My Dad and i enjoy going to the park and other social thing similar to that

  2. long13makala says:

    Hi grade 3/4s and miss D&D

    My dad and I like fighting with each other. And doing different things like sitting down and talking to each other about each others lives. We like to play sport together like basketball and golf.

    From Makala :) :)

  3. long13cameron says:

    To Miss D&D,

    The thing me and Dad like doing together is just spending time together and kicking the football.


  4. long13holly says:

    We like playing football and playing with the remote control car and making paper aeroplanes

  5. long13charli says:

    Hi miss D&D,

    I am having a good time at dad’s night tonight.

    From Charli

  6. long13elita says:

    Hi Miss D&D,

    The thing I liked doing this year was that we did a big domino topple!!! I also liked reading other people’s writing.


  7. long13xander says:

    Xander and Poppy like to watch Carlton play football on a Friday night.

  8. long13cameron says:

    To Miss D&D,
    Dad and i liked dad’s night last night. We enjoed all the ativies and the games too. I would liked to do the car drawing but someone was doing it and we ran out of time.:(


  9. long13kaleb says:

    Hello miss d&d
    I’m sorry I did not come to dads night it looked fun
    From kaleb

  10. long13lucy says:

    Hi Grade 3/4′s
    My dad and i enjoyed everything. In Taylors class there was science you could do with vinegar and bi-carb soda
    From Lucy

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