Inspire Us Monday – 4th March 2013

6 03 2013

We had our second group of classmates sharing on Monday this week.  A book talk, a new word and a great video to watch. Our video finder found his task to be very difficult as he sifted his way through quite a few Youtube clips to find the one he wanted to use. We had a quick chat before school about using key words searches. He also offered some great advice to his fellow classmates about looking at the playback times carefully and starting to look well ahead of time.

We were introduced to Radiance by Alyson Noel. Wow!  What an interesting way to start a book by having the main character die right at the start.  It was great to have our book talk speaker read a quote from the very start of the book which definitely made me want to find out more.

Most people think that death is the end.

The end of life—of good times—the end of, well, pretty much everything.

But those people are wrong.

Dead wrong.

And I should know. I died almost a year ago.

You can read this chapter and several more in an excerpt on Alyson Noel’s website. We heard that this is the first of four books in a series. That is great to hear as if you liked the first one then there are three more to read.

Our new word for this week is a mathematical word. It has a great prefix – bi. This is a Latin prefix meaning two. We find it in words like bicycle, biannual, biped and bivalve. Binomial is a mathematical term used when studying algebra and something our class may met when they move on to High School. We can guess that it’s meaning will have something to do with two because of the prefix.

Our inspirational viewing was a great one about a solo sailor and a rescue aided by some great NASA technology. Take a look.

Please leave a comment on this post letting us know if you have read this book. What do you think of our word? Would you like to be a solo sailor?



3 responses to “Inspire Us Monday – 4th March 2013”

    13 03 2013
      Chloe (18:12:12) :     Reply

    Hello Everyone,
    The book talked about in this post is one of the many books I have read, Radiance was simple but charming. The book talks about a girl who died and about what happens after she dies.
    The word binomial I have never heard of before and is a great sounding word.
    Sailing around the world by myself would be lonely. No one to help me when I was in trouble. But then I would be the only one on the boat so no one to get annoyed with.


      13 03 2013
        Mrs S (18:55:41) :     Reply

      Thanks for leaving a comment on this post, Chloe.

      Would you describe Radiance as a fast paced story? Are the characters lifelike? Would we feel that we could meet them in our town?

      Binomial is a great sounding word. Do you have a collection of interesting words?

      You would need to be very self sufficient to sail around the world on your own. There would definitely be no-one to be annoyed at except for yourself if something went wrong.

      Mrs S

    18 03 2013
      jack t (14:24:19) :     Reply

    Hi everyone

    No, I haven’t read that book. The word was fantastic!
    And no I would not want to be a solo sailor.

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