Inspire Us Mondays

1 03 2013

Every Monday in our classroom three of our classmates are asked to inspire us in different ways. One is asked to present a Book Talk and inspire us to read. Another is asked to find an amazing or interesting word that fits our classroom in some way. The last classmate is asked to find a video that will inspire us in some way. To keep things flowing smoothly we also have an organiser and a timekeeper.

Our first Monday speakers had their turn this week. They had taken on that hard role of being the first. Each on tried their best and shared with us the end results of their work.

We heard about Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I had not read the book and was interested to find out a little more about it. After listening to our Book Talk speaker I now know that it is about vampires both good and bad, their interactions with humans and that it explores the emotion of love as one of its themes. It was great to see our first speaker use some text free Powerpoint slides to support her talk. We could look at the images while she was letting us know about the setting, plot and characters. Finding out a little about the author was also good as was not aware that the idea for writing this book came from a very vivid dream the author had experienced. It was also interesting to hear from those in the audience who knew the book or had seen the movie. It appears from the discussion had on the day that this is a book for mature readers.

We were introduced to a new word. Our speaker remembered to make her word poster colourful and make the word the main focus while still adding some spelling and vocabulary information as well. Our first word was:

Our first interesting word for the year. It is a slang term. What does slang mean?

Last of all we were presented with this video.

It was interesting to see how creative these experts could be when given time to think and draw. What would you have draw with that starting point and ten minutes to complete your idea? Aside from time what other things might we need to be creative?

Please leave a comment on our post telling of your thoughts about the book or the word or the movie. Ask a question about the book, word or movie for our speakers to answer.




2 responses to “Inspire Us Mondays”

    4 03 2013
      danny (10:23:02) :     Reply

    More time allowed people to come up with better ideas and more detail. I liked the one made into a cat. It was very clever. I would have made a clock. Were there any rules to what they could use?

      4 03 2013
        Mrs S (19:38:40) :     Reply

      Thanks for leaving a great comment on our blog, Danny.

      I am pretty certain that the only rules were that they had to all start with the same design and they only had ten minutes. How would you have decorated your clock?

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