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Word Challenge

Hi everyone

We have had a great start to the year at Glenora.

I  have a challenge for you. I will give you one word and you  have to try to make different words by scrambling up letters. The word is categories.

I wish you all good luck!

From Sophie

16 Responses to “Word Challenge”

  1. Ms T says:

    Hi Sophie

    This is a fantastic idea.

    Hmmm. Let me see if I can start off the challenge from your word ‘categories’.

    I’ll suggest: grate, Aries, ogres and crate.

    Good luck, from Ms T

    • Sophie says:

      I could suggest some for you Ms T cat gorie good luck Ms T :]

    • bianke says:

      To Ms T

      Here are some words for the word challenge: cat, go, rice, tie, ties, cats, rise, tag, tags, tore, rate, get, toe.

      From Bianke

    • bianke says:

      Hi class,

      Ive got a word challenge for everyone, the word is ‘decoration’
      here are some words to get you started: rat, core, tin and tan.

      Good Luck! :]

      From Bianke

  2. Mrs S says:

    Hi Sophie

    What a great idea for a post.

    Here are some ideas that I came up with: tags, rise, gate and store.

    How many words do you think there might be altogether?

    Mrs S and 4/5 DS
    4-5DS Blogs

  3. Jazmyn says:

    Hi Sophie

    In the word categories I got cat, gate, got, ate, tags, rise, store, grate, ogres, crate, sat, sit.

    From Jazmyn

  4. Sophie says:

    I have some more too. got, rest, gore, tore, stare, stair, goat, crater, rate, sage, grease, stereo, seat, star, art, care, cater, race, eat, ease.
    from Sophie

    • Jazmyn says:

      Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for the challenge next time could you please do something longer.

      From Jazmyn

      • Ms T says:

        Hi Jazmyn
        That is a great suggestion. What is a longer word that you can think of to get the discussion going?
        Ms T

  5. Mia says:

    I’ve got some words: I, ate, at, gates, rise, a, gate, tag, stag, cat, get, rest, categorie.

    From Mia

  6. Mia says:

    Hi Sophie

    I was just wondering if you could do another word like ”measurement” or something longer PLEASE!
    From Mia

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Mia next time I do a word challenge I will use a longer word like measurement or longer

      From Sophie

  7. Chris says:

    Hello everyone

    Well I have come up with: mop, hop, shop, moon and phases. I know that wasn’t much but it was something.

    From Chris

  8. Sophie says:

    Hi Chris it really doesn’t matter that you didn’t come up with a lot of words at least you had a go.

    From Sophie

  9. Jazmyn says:

    Hi Mrs T ,

    I reckon like

    From Jazmyn

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