I like gymnastics as you know that I like it because of my all about me page!

Gymnastics is a type of sport that you can do in the Olympics. In gymnastics you have bars, floor, beam and vault. My favourite is Vault because you get to bounce on things and do tricks in the air. At gymnastics competitions you have judges one for vault one for bars one for floor and another one for beam. In gymnastics you have levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 and more! You also to get warmed up you stretch her are some examples of a stretch that you do at gymnastics.

. Super man

. Bridge

. Dish shape

And lots more. One day I hope I go to the Olympics to do gymnastics and at least get 1st 2nd or 3rd or highly commended.  Gymnastics is definitely my favourite Olympic sport.


My question is what is your favourite out of bars, floor, beam and vault and why? Also do you do gymnastics?

bye for now, Caitlin

14 thoughts on “Gymnastics

  1. Hi Caitlin

    Miss Wyatt told me about how hard everyone from your class has been working on your student blogs.

    Looks like you are going well!

    Gymnastics is definitely one of my favorite sports. The other one I enjoy watching is the swimming.

    I tried gymnastics when I was growing up but wasn’t very good.

    I’ve now visited several locations where they have had both Winter and Summer Olympics. It is really cool standing and thinking what it might have been like during the Olympics.

    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

  2. Hi Caitlin,
    I don’t do gymnastics but would really like to. My favourite would probably be floor because that is the most like dancing and I love dancing.
    See you soon,

  3. Hi Caitlin,
    I used to do Gymnastics and I really enjoyed it. I had to stop because it was too much with dancing aswell. I got to choose out of Gymnastics or Dancing.

  4. Hi Caitlin
    I have been to watch Gymnastics quite a few times and I am always amazed with how skilled you need to be to participate.
    I am thrilled with the work you are doing on your blog.
    Ms B

  5. Hi Catlin,
    I used to do Gymnastics but I got the flu for so long I stopped. My favourites out of floor, vault, bar and beam are probably beam and bar tied. I hope in the future you get to the Olympics and live out you dream to get an award.

    Bye, Gabby

  6. Hi Caitlin,
    No, I do not do Gymnastics. What is your least favorite kind and why? I hope you get to the Olympics someday in the future.But bye for now, Jacob

  7. I do not do gymnastics, but I hope to. I guess I’m just not flexible enough. I have seen gymnastics in the Olympics and hope you get there in the future. I cant choose my favourite, they all seem superb! My question to you is…..Do you have any tips to me and other people, how to get more flexible?
    Bye for now,

  8. Hi Caitlin
    I also used to do Gymnastics but it was a school clubbed activity.
    I wish I did the individual blogging.
    Looks like you have heaps of fun.
    Have fun blogging Nihad..

  9. Hi Caitlin,
    Where do you do your gymnastics? I used to do it at the Y.M.C.A but I didn’t really enjoy it because it was all to easy. so now I do drama.
    I love your blog. Tahlia

  10. Hi Tahlia
    I do it at the max fry hall and it is NOT easy it depends what level your in. Say if you are in level four its really hard but when you are in level one its quite easy
    Have you ever been to any gymnastics competitions? and can you do a back flip or the splits?
    Bye, Caitlin

  11. Hi Caitlin
    Ellie is really cute. She would be really cute if she was pink or another colour.
    I think gymnastics cool I really like to do the beam and I like to do the vault.
    See you later Nihad 

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  13. Hi, Caitlin
    As you know i did gymnastics with you but then stopped because of Tennis and basketball and soccer but i would like tostill do it. I think you are very good in level 2 and as you know Isabelle being moved up to level 4 because she was to good. I hope you and Isabelle do gymnastics when you are older and hope you go to the olympics.

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