Creating slideshows

I notice a few teachers have started creating slideshows on their blogs. There are a few websites that you could use.

Slideshare – will convert powerpoints to slides you can embed on your blog. But remember every image and sound in the slideshare has to be creative commons or taken by you, the teacher or student.

Photopeach allows you to add words at the bottom of each image so great for storytelling. Check out this grade 2 story about a sign in the forest. There is an educational version but costs $9 US per month. I have only ever used the free version.

Animoto is the one I would recommend for teachers and students. Teachers need to join first then apply for the education version. They are then given a special code which students can use. The teacher then sees the animotos created by the students and can delete them if not made correctly. Again all images and sound used in the animoto must be creative commons. Using the free version only allows 32 seconds video play but the educational version is a lot longer.

Adding Animoto to your blog post

1. I always suggest writing the post first including saving it as a draft before you try adding the Animoto. Remember to include the category and tags before saving.

2. Once you have created your Animoto, you will see some symbols beside the video you have created.

3. Click on the more button.

4. Now click on the embedded video tab and then the blue button copy to clipboard.

5. Final step is to add your animoto to your blog post. Do this by opening your draft post, click on the HTML tab, then paste in the code that you had copied to the clipboard – just press CTRL V. You can add it at the beginning of the post or at the end after the    which is code for enter a new line  Now press publish and your Animoto will appear in the actual post.