Online classroom

I have just had a great hour with six students who have their own personal blog starting last week.  This was the first online session so it was very much let’s look at what we can do with the Blackboard Collaborate classroom.

  • Students learnt how to use smiley faces to show they understood what was happening and G. worked out how to use the confused face as well.
  • They learnt how to put up their hand in class if they wanted to have the microphone to speak to the rest of us – used the talk button and put hand down.
  • Then we had fun with the whiteboard tools – finding cups of coffee, maths symbols, making yellow ellipses.
  • We added a smiley face to a map of Tasmania to show where we were based
  • Finally we took a web tour of the main student bloggers blog, so they would know what the instructions were for the next three activities on their blogs.

The link to the online classroom is on the main student bloggers blog under the get help here link. You need Java enabled on your computer and if using wireless, make sure you choose that instead of Cable/DSL when it asks.  Allow about 10 minutes to set up your computer before the online lesson.

I will be holding online classes every Wednesday and Friday from 1.30pm until 4pm.  Any students or teachers are welcome to come and join in and ask questions about blogging.

If any teachers want me to run an online blogging class with their students or other staff at another time of day, please contact me by email which you can find in the sidebar of this blog.