A few changes – please read

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G’day blogging classes, teachers and students in Tasmania,

No more blogging with the eschoolblog URL after the end of 2014

You may have noticed a recent change to your blog. The URL now begins with www and you have lost your  fantastic clustrmap. The reason for this is that

 Edublogs is “in the process of changing networks over to www if they are top level domains because we’re getting ready to install Cloudflare on all networks. For these types of domains we can only use Cloudflare if it is www.  It will only affect a small number of our campus networks and all blogs on that network.  “

This means our blogs on our eschoolblog network.

But the other information you need to know is that our domain name www.eschoolblogs.org.au will no longer be available as from the beginning of 2015. We have had this for over two years now and my bosses have begun a new domain with a less restrictive URL

We will be using www.xpress360.net.au instead.

We are already starting any new blogs on this network and you will now have a choice ready to start in 2015.

  • 1. Keep working on old blog – minus clustrmap – and at end of 2014, stop blogging.
  • 2. Keep working on old blog – minus clustrmap and by the end of December, export/import posts, comments, pages etc into a new blog at the new domain.
  • 3. Start a new blog immediately and export/import data across during July.
  • 4. Start a totally new blog from scratch anytime between now and end of 2014.

Sue will help do the export/import but all 2014 students will need to be added as new users for options 3 – Sue will send a spreadsheet to teachers with information, then Sue can add them in one big batch per class.

So could all teachers with class blogs or administrators of group/student blogs, please email Sue over the next month saying which option they want to choose.

  • 1. Stop blogging end of 2014
  • 2. New blog by end of year with old posts etc
  • 3. New blog immediately with old posts etc ready to start Term 3
  • 4. Totally new blog by end of 2014

Sue will also be sending an email out to all blog admins (just in case they don’t read this post) to find out what they want done with their blogs at the end of 2014.  It will be assumed any teachers not replying to either this post or email, will not be blogging from the beginning of 2015.

You will notice Sue has started added pages to the new URL to help in setting up your new blogs.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comment area of this post.


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