Safer Internet Day Feb 11

Now that your class has started blogging, they might need to learn some skills about being safe on the internet. Here are a few links to activities you might want to use for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday February 11.

CyberSmart have a set of free challenges relating to real life issues on the internet. .

Add the Safer Internet Day (SID) logo or banner to your blog. Get it from here.

The theme for the day is “Let’s create a better internet together”. This means working with parents as well. Maybe get some pages together for your blog with guidelines for parents. Here are some examples: edublogs has many examples from a variety of schools, Kathleen Morris has a two page parent guide on this page. Remember to give attribution if you adopt one of these guidelines for your parent page or documents.

Maybe your parents want to join the chatterbox area from Safer Internet Day – find out about selfies, sexting and other advice about the internet.

This will allow for discussion. Maybe add video to a blog post and have students leave comments.

Check out the resources for CyberSmart citizens.

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