Is your blog ready for a new class?

You are getting ready to head back to school next week. You have probably been into your classroom, started setting up the displays, got the furniture organized, made sure you have all the equipment you need to start when the students arrive.

But have you thought about your class blog?

Some of the following hints and tips might be done in a class meeting so your students also have a say in what the class blog looks like.

Changed theme – a new class, maybe some students are with you for a second year so a new theme would be great – dashboard>appearance> theme

Changed blog title and tagline – maybe you have changed year levels, maybe you have a class motto or saying to help learning – dashboard>settings> general

Removed previous students as users of the blogdashboard> users> all users> tick box in front of students you want removed> bulk dropdown remove> then apply

Added new students as contributorsdashboard> users> blog and user creator> new users> see paragraph further down this post about creating usernames.

Added new users who have an existing username – some students might be coming into your classroom from a previous class that blogged. These students are added by dashboard> users> blog and user creator> add existing user

Changed sidebars – if you have changed themes from two sidebars to one sidebar then many of your widgets will have been moved to the inactive widgets area – dashboard>appearance> widgets> click and drag from the inactive area to your sidebar. Click on dropdown arrows to open sidebar(s)

Updated links to other class blogs – maybe you want to add some new blogs to your list – find some on the sidebar of this blog – right click> copy URL address then add at your blog – dashboard>links> new link – remember to add them to a category

Added student names to post tags or categories – this makes it easy for you and parents to find all posts written by the same student – dashboard> posts> categories or tags

Written your first welcome post – remember to end your post with a question to help students start conversations in the comment section of your blog.

Thought about post and lesson relating to creating strong passwords which will be needed when students login and update their profiles. Here is link to a post including a video about strong passwords.

Thought about a post relating to quality comments. It is the commenting that keeps your blog going so it is necessary to actually teach this. .

Enjoy the last couple of days of your holidays.

Leave a comment if you think of other things to do before class gets back.

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