Want to connect with other classes around the world? Perhaps you could try:

The Wonderment – journeys into wonder from students

Students from Azusa Pacific University (many now teachers) created these projects:

Do Now respond to current issues through blogs and Twitter – for high school students

These students presented many times in the poster section – most activities related to science

Join ePals a global community where learners connect.

 Flat Stanley also has apps now. Join him on one of his many journeys around the world.

Projects by Jen – lots of choices of activities from K-6 – I actually met Jen while at ISTE 2013.

Journey north looks at wildlife migration and seasonal changes around the world

Same Day in March – get organized to join this project next year but check it out from 2013

Follow foraging penguins especially in the Antarctic seas with Penguin Science.

Monster exchange is a writing project around the world – get ready for September start in 2013