Have you started getting organized for school next week?

I spent a few hours yesterday with a couple of new teachers, Mrs Fall and Ms Thomsett,  who are just starting blogging with their classes this coming term. They have got their first post ready for students when they head back to school next week.

Have you seen those classes taking part in the student blogging challenge? I notice Mr Price and Mr Woolley have registered their classes already. Lots of ideas for students and teachers to write posts and use different web 2.0 tools to present work on their blogs. Register your class here, then check out the participants page to find more classes to connect with. Students can also visit other student blogs at this spot.

I won’t be holding the evening sessions over the next few weeks as I am heading to Perth, Western Australia for the ACEC2012 conference (Computers in Education really) and have decided to do some touring while I am over there. When I return I will hold online sessions again on a Monday afternoon from 3.00-4.30 which might be easier for teachers to just stay at school for half an hour or so rather than find time in your busy homelife at 7pm. I will send each of you an email closer to this time though.

Please keep visiting each others blogs, leave great comments and write interesting posts. If you have any questions, please send me an email through your blogs Inbox on your dashboard, through my DoE email or via my tasteach56 account at gmail.

Image: ‘Class photo