Using Google advanced search for images

This will be a step by step tutorial on how to use Google advanced search to find images and get attribution for images to use in your blog posts.This is probably the hardest way to find an image to use.

  1. Go to Google search and put in your search term(s) eg Tasmanian Devil
  2. Choose images only on left sidebar – wow over 1 million images to choose from
  3. But how many of these are able to be used in my blog?
  4. Top right corner, click on the option wheel and choose advanced search.
  5. Go to bottom of this page and under usage rights choose free to use or share
  6. Click on the blue advanced search button
  7. Oh, now I only have 44 images to choose from.
  8. I would choose an image from a site that might have something to do with Tasmanian Devils rather than a person’s blog. They might have copied the image without permission.

This is the image I chose to use – sounds like fotopedia is a reputable site.

  1. Hover over the picture and click on the link
  2. I am now at fotopedia site and can see the image was actually from a flickr site, so fotopedia are not the owners of the image.
  3. I click on the flickr link and am now at the original site of the image.
  4. I look on the right sidebar and find the license information and I can use it.

I have now created a screencast showing the above steps for those students who are more visually inclined. This is the first time I have used Screenr so hope it works well.


Now how do I download the image and give the attribution?

  1. I don’t want an image that is too big, so I click on Actions above the image, and choose view all sizes.
  2. For blogs the small size is generally big enough. Click on this.
  3. Make sure your blog post has been written and you are ready to insert your image.
  4. Click at the beginning of the line where you want your image to appear.
  5. Click on the upload/insert button above your blog post. Choose from URL.
  6. We now need the URL of the image, usually starts with farm4.static or something similar if a Flickr image
  7. We also need the link location which will start with or similar

If using Internet Explorer

  1. Right click on image, then properties. Copy the image URL or address. Paste into URL area.
  2. Go back to image, and highlight the location of the image from the top of the page eg etc, copy and paste into the link image to area.
  3. Choose where to align the image – I usually choose right .
  4. Insert into post.
  5. To give attribution, write Image: Source at the bottom of your post. Highlight Source and add a link to the location you should still have copied on your clipboard.
  6. WOW! I have finally found an image, uploaded from the URL and given attribution.

If using Firefox

  1. Right click on image and copy the image location. Paste this into the URL area.
  2. Follow from step 2 for Internet Explorer.

I will create a screencast on how to upload and add attribution when I write the post about using flickrcc for your images.

Image: Source

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