Labrador puppy and guinea pig

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Hey guys,

                                                                                        If you have a dog or guinea pig

please leave a comment

I also hope you like the images

From Ria 


5 Responses to “Labrador puppy and guinea pig”

  1.   Miss W. Says:

    G’day Ria,
    They are fantastic photos. I have never had a puppy or guinea pig for a pet. Do you have these animals for pets at your house?

    PS Where did you get the photos? Remember you need to tell your readers who owns the photo and the website you got them from – not just from Google images.


  2.   Danni Says:

    Hi Ria,
    I like the photos that you put on the blog.

    I also have one pet dog called Xzeena we called her that after Xzeena princes warrior.
    Do you have any dogs.

    PS I don’t have a guinea pig but always wanted one

    From Danni


  3.   Ria Says:

    thank you for your advice
    i do have 2 dogs
    eldest Milly shes very playful
    youngest Ava shes a fail guide dog
    she ran into a school yard full of
    kids :(… she loves kids :)
    thank you for your time
    From Ria


  4.   Georgia Says:

    Hello Ria

    I liked them pictures you put up of the puppy dog and the guinea pig.
    What one was your favorite picture ??

    From Georgia


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