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Hey! This is a picture of me riding my horse in minecraft. Do you like this picture? If you do write a comment. .

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  1.   Sea Dragon Says:

    Hi Elijah,
    congratulations of being the first in the class to create your own post. Apart from the pictures you have shown me at the start of the year, this is the first time I’ve seen minecraft.

    What is the factory/building in the distance?

    How did your world record attempt go?

    Mr Woolley


  2.   Lolita Says:

    Hi Elijah

    Whats the horse’s name? cool picture.



  3.   Danni Says:

    Hi Elijah,

    I like how you put the minecraft picture on here.

    I would also like to know how long you have been on minecraft?

    from Danni


  4.   Ria Says:

    Hey Elijh
    Congrats on being the first to post
    an image. Have you named your horse?
    Please reply

    From Ria


  5.   mitchell Says:


    This is Mitchell saying DUDE you need to stop talking about Minecraft and what skin is that.


  6.   Thomas Says:

    Hi Elijah

    were you killing the wither when you were riding the horse around ?

    From Thomas


  7.   Elijah Says:

    hi Lolita,
    my horses name is strike rider
    from Elijah


  8.   Cameron Says:

    Hello Elijah,
    I think the the minecraft post was really cool.
    Strike rider is an awesome name for a horse.


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