Longitude and latitude

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Check out this fantastic, catchy tune.  Really wanted to share with you all.  I’m sure it will become as much an ‘ear worm’ to you as it has me!

What is it that makes it an ear worm?  Do you think this will help you remember you geography skills?

20 Responses to “Longitude and latitude”

  1.   14bpsthomas Says:

    Hi 4/5 Woolley,

    The video is funny because the people talk with a funny accent.

    From Thomas


  2.   Elijah Says:

    Hi 4-5 Woolley,

    That video is pretty cool. I thought that guy’s acting was really funny, ha ha

    From Elijah


  3.   Lolita Says:

    Hi Mr.Woolley and 4/5

    This video is so funny and has such a catchy tune which makes it an ear worm. I have never seen a video quite like it, have you?

    from Lolita


    •   Sea Dragon Says:

      Hey Lolita,
      I certainly have not seen any of video clip quite like this one…very strange indeed

      What do you think of the new video I posted about the states of matter?


  4.   Leo Says:

    Hi Mr Woolley and 4/5,

    I thought it was really funny because he was a normal dad who starts singing a rap.

    Do you think it is a bit weird but funny at the same time?

    From Leo


    •   Sea Dragon Says:

      Hi Leo,
      I think the fact it is so weird and funny at the same time helps it to become an ear worm. You can’t help but laugh and sing along (even if you’re singing in your head rather than out loud)

      What do you think of the new video about states of matter?


  5.   Indi Says:

    Hi 4/5,

    I like the signs that the man throws and when he dances at the end of the video.:)

    from Indi


  6.   Tahlia Says:

    Dear 4\5 Woolley,

    Ha ha very funny video about longitude and latitude,and I think this will help me with my geography skills.

    from Tahlia ;]


  7.   Cameron Says:

    Hi Mr Woolley and 4/5

    I think the longitude and latitude song is funny but it only gives you a rough idea of longitude and latitude but it`s funny to listen to. We should do somthing like it with a different subject.

    Bye for now


    •   Miss W. Says:

      G’day Cameron,

      What a great idea of making your own video on a different topic. What topic would you choose? Maybe some mathematical terms …


      •   Chloe Says:

        Dear Mrs W.,

        Hi and thank you for helping our class and I with blogging and our passwords and comments. I love blogs even though I just started it is lots of fun :)

        From Chloe

      •   Ria Says:

        Hey Miss W,
        Thanks so much for coming and setting up the blog. I am totally obsessed with it but my comments are a bit too long.
        Bye for now

  8.   Ria Says:

    Hey 4/5 Woolley,

    What a great upload i think it will be a big hit.
    This got stuck in my head striaght away, i like his dance at the end.

    From Ria:)


  9.   Matthew Says:

    Hi Woolley 4/5,

    I liked the rap song, I thought it was funny and cool. It explains how longitude and latitude works.

    I also thought the dance at the end was funny.

    From Matt :)


  10.   mitchell Says:

    Hi 4/5 Woolley,

    That video was hilarious my favourite part was when he was driving in his car and how big is the space between each line :)

    From Mitchell


  11.   Brontie Says:

    Hi Mr Woolley,

    The longitude and latitude song was funny and awesome.

    From Brontie


  12.   Harry Says:

    Hi Mr Woolley 4/5

    I thought that your Longitude and latitude film clip
    was hilarious at the end when he walked off like a Duck.


  13.   Chloe Says:

    Dear Mr Woolley and 4/5,

    The longitude and latitude song is really cool. It’s a fun way to learn and a great way to laugh :D and very catchy.

    From Chloe :)


  14.   Danni Says:

    Dear 4/5 Woolley,
    I really enjoyed the end of the video because the signs were funny.


  15.   Ria Says:

    Hey M.Woolley
    That man says
    ” longatooode,latatooode,gradatooode &

    Bye. Bye.

    I am obsessed with this blog I post way too
    many comments but it’s fun
    + Thank you M.Woolley for getting Mrs.W
    To come in
    See this comment is too long.


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